Saturday, 11 December 2010

Style notes from les parisiennes...

An ambition of mine is to live near enough to work that I can get there en velo.
Now, this bicycle must have a basket; for nothing other than fresh flowers, baguettes and my future puggle baby; be extremely kitsch and streamlined and preferably black with a tan leather saddle. 
This future version of myself will dress impeccably, a la mademoiselle pictured above (mais regardez ses sandales!!!) and will always remember rule number one: 
A real lady should never straddle a bike, but simply strut elegantly at its side.   

Wednesday, 8 December 2010


Baker Street Station, 8.45am, every day: 

I sit bolt upright on the bus and peek around to see that as per usual, everyone else has, like me, just awoken, or is still in the midst of what I like to call the "Greenline Coma". No matter how loud you turn up your ipod, stare intently at the words on the page in front of you or even hold your eye-lids in a desperate bid to keep them open, the Greenline will get the better of you - sooner or later you will succumb to the deepest of sleeps.
I scramble around for my belongings, stuffing my book into my Bayswater, while hurriedly checking the seat for a forgotten glove or heaven forbid, my phone. Hitting people by accident with my many bags,
I hobble lethargically down the aisle, croaking a thank you to the driver as I jump down on to the pavement. 
Just one thing is going through my head at this point - must. have. caffeine.
But it's not just any caffeine that I crave, it's Starbucks caffeine.

I've got it bad.
Really, really, BAD.
I wake up with good intentions - every day is a new day...
I say over and over in my head - today Charlene, you will not, I repeat, NOT buy a Starbucks coffee. 
But somehow, before I know it, temptation has won and I am overcome with guilt as I catch myself using the stirring stick to desperately scrape the sides of the cup for those last frothy remains of my soya 'cap'
(yes we're on nickname terms now). 
And the worst part? I've usually given in before 9.30am. 

You see, I pass three Starbucks on my way into work, which is quite simply, temptation personified.
Even if I make it past the first, there are still numbers one and two to beat and after an hour and a half's commute, with let's not forget, the "Greenline Coma", I rarely make it past number two without a coffee in hand. There have been a few occasions where I've made it to stop number three before bowing to pressure, and just the once, I abstained completely, arriving to work empty handed and caffeine depraved.
(That is until the clock struck lunch and Starbucks won once again.)

So I've decided that when Lent hits the calender in 2011 - La Voguette will be caffeine-free
(yes, I could try giving it up as a New Year's resolution - but that's a little too close for comfort right now). Until then, I'm going to savour every last sip of my weakness and just remind myself that it could be worse: 

Two coffees at once Mary Kate? Might be time to sign up to Starbucks Anonymous...

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Because sometimes a french manicure just won't do...

Capturing every client's personality and bringing it to their fingertips, there is only one word that can truly describe friend and fellow Elle Girl, Alice McColm's creative genius...

Check out her bespoke nail art on her blog:

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Oh to be Audrey...

“For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.”

Thursday, 11 November 2010

La Voguette is back.

Fashion friends! I'm so sorry I neglected you...
You could say life as an Elle intern has pretty much consumed every aspect of my life, meaning time for blogging has become well and truly sparse!
BUT I'm back and determined to blog to your every need...

To make up for my absence, here's a little sneak peek into some of the work I've been doing over the past month:

The final for Elle's Shop Girl to Stylist Competition took place last week and La Voguette was there to fulfill the mammoth task of sourcing and organising all things fashion related on the day. With ten finalists, 150 items of 1970s themed clothing and countless accessories, the race was on for each girl to style the best look from their carefully selected rail...
Who won?
Click the link above to find out!
(And if you're lucky you may spot yours truly in the background)

Sunday, 19 September 2010

A little taste of LFW...

So Olivia Palermo is extremely BEAUTIFUL and TINY.
Cat Deeley just looks like the loveliest person ever.
And Sienna Miller has gone up even higher on my list of ultimate style icons.

I can't reveal any more details than that - but let's just say today has been a great day for British Fashion. 
I have seen some amazing and inspirational young designers, had a taste of the front row treatment and found myself singing all the way home on the train (much to the delight of a few oldies) - what can I say fashion has put a hop in my step! 

Here's hoping I find myself opposite a front row of this calibre tomorrow...  


Saturday, 18 September 2010

Pop your collar.

3.1. Phillip Lim S/S 2011

A fresh new take on the LBD from Mr Phillip Lim ♥
After work drinks? No need to change your dress ladies, just make like the Pope and transform your outfit with a new collar for every occasion.
 Amen to that.

The Time is NOW.

NYFW = Done!
LFW = Well and truly underway!

It's an exciting time in the fashion world Ladies & Gents - the green lights are shining and it's all GO GO GO.
The last 48 hours of final preparations have seen stress levels rise through the roof at Elle HQ; many a Liz Hurley snack bar has been consumed (definitely not through choice but necessity, sorry Liz but they really do taste like cardboard), heels have been kicked off and a few tears have been shed... but now there is no time like the present! Get down to Somerset House, VFS or On/Off to find next season's emerging talent and inspiration. I'll be donning my fashion spectacles all day tomorrow so look out for me!
Today however, I am allowing myself a very much needed day off with my mama.

Monday, 13 September 2010

Sneak a Peek

The last time I wore trainers in a non-sports situation was on a French Exchange trip with school. Myself and my best friend were 15 at the time, and had been invited to stay with our twin exchange students for a fortnight in rural France. I can still remember so vividly, the four of us strolling down a cobbled street, chatting away in broken english and french - our petites françaises were tottering along in their kitten heels (always one step ahead dans la mode) while myself and my fellow anglaise pounded the streets in our matching style statements of the time: brown bomber jackets with fur hoods, baggy jeans and of course, the latest Adidas skater trainers. 
We couldn't have made a greater contrast to our francophone amies. 
Suddenly our conversation moved from a light hearted exchange of swear words and funny expressions to a rather blunt outburst delivered in unison by the twins: 
"Why do you wear zese shoes? you don't like to feel pretty?"
Shocked, myself and my friend exchanged embarrassed glances,
"Pourquoi? mais c'est la mode in England!"

We were defiant, angry even! We didn't need to wear little heels to prove our femininity - hadn't Destiny's Child only just told us that we were all independent women? Beyoncé wouldn't want us to 'throw our hands up at her' in some prissy little shoes! Oh no! We wore our 'sneakers' and we wore them with pride...

Of course looking back, we can see that we looked like Sean-Paul wannabes, but at the time? Well, we were bang on trend!

And just who has the last laugh now? If Isabel Marant can make trainers look this beautiful, then I think it may be time to dig out my old bomber and baggy jeans...

Saturday, 11 September 2010


So yesterday my bank account had a bad day - my wardrobe however is extremely happy!
(You win some, you lose some).
I'm starting to think that Topshop should probably take a restraining order against me because if I'm honest, my addiction is getting ever so slightly out of hand...
During a very extravagant and completely unjustified spree in Oxford Circus last night, I spied this absolute masterpiece. Topshop Unique have given a firm nod to this season's 1950s outdoorsy trend with this STUNNING wax jacket, but they've only gone and given it a shearling trim too! Now nobody likes a show-off Topshop! but what a genius idea: two trends in one and beautiful at that.
Just need to find £250 so that I can bring it home...

Back in action!

Fashion friends!!!!

Oh what a trauma I have had!
I haven't been able to access my blog in over a month and was finally starting to accept defeat and come to terms with the idea that my beautiful blog was alas, finito - capute!
BUT never underestimate LaVoguette, I have cracked Google's mind-boggling codes and am back!

I have so much to tell you, stay tuned...

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Leopard factor.

Say hello to my new baby

Sunday, 25 July 2010

When girl meets boy...

Wow, I still can't quite believe it when I see my name credited in French Vogue!
Here is a shoot I assisted with Emmanuelle Alt, David Sims and the beautiful Raquel Zimmerman.
Get ready to unleash your inner Teddy-Boy for Autumn 2010.

This one is my fave!

Goodbye Education... Hello Fashion!

I am officially a graduate!
♥ Warwick Class of 2010 ♥
2.1 BA Honours in English and French.

Goodbye Joyce, Proust, Woolf, Cèsaire, Marlowe and Monsieur Shakespeare...
Hello Dior, Chanel, Chloé, Balmain, Vuitton, Valentino...

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Oh Valentino.

I wish I lived in Australia right now...
Not simply for the hot weather, the surfer dudes and those amazing bbqs (stereotype much?) but because Brisbane's Gallery of Modern Art will be playing host to what will undoubtedly be one of the most beautiful exhibitions to date... recording sartorial history through the work of what is arguably the world's most exquisite designer - in my oh so humble opinion!
Valentino just knows how to celebrate femininity and has old school glamour down to the most perfect cup of tea ♥
Imagine stepping in to one of his gowns...
Now obviously this would take place in a stunning dressing room; the type that serves you champagne and has you seated on luxurious eqyptian cotton chairs with interwoven gold threading... at your perfectly pedicured feet would lie the softest white alpaca fur rug... facing opposite, the Victoriana mirror, just waiting for you to twirl around and see your reflection in the polished glass... and there staring back at you, draped in breathless couture, embellished with those signature flowers, would be the storybook Princess that you always dreamt of becoming...

Ok it is definitely time to speed dial Valentino!
There is one man and one man only who will be making my wedding dress.
One slight problem - I have no-one to meet at the end of the aisle... maybe Valentino will marry me?...
Now surely that would make me the luckiest girl in the world.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010


Well, I never had Brittany Snow down for a fashion icon but this look certainly has potential.
I love, love, LOVE the trousers!
In fact, I love each piece individually... I'm just not entirely convinced that the pieces love each other - is it me or does this outift not quite come together?
Maybe we should ask the lady to Brittany's left - something to say Madame?

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Photographic Perfection.

Monsieur le Sartorialist does it again. How utterly beautiful is this photo?

A friend, a bicycle, a huge smile and New York City = the perfect summer's day...

Shear Beauty!

Ok, so it may seem a little hot outside to be thinking about next season’s must-haves, but HOT is definitely the word that springs to mind when looking at these Marni shearling-cuff leather clogs.

Shearling has dominated the A/W 10 catwalks, especially at Burberry and DKNY and if you didn’t know that clogs were THE item of the moment, then where have you been hiding?

Good news ladies! 
Marni have brought these two trends together to create a shoe that ticks all the boxes and they’re practical too – the shearling-cuffs are detachable so they will take you through summer into winter.
Snap them up quick!

Marni clogs £430,

Guess who's back...

Hello my fashion darlings!
Guess who's back... back again... La Voguette is back - TELL A FRIEND! 
After a grueling few months of exams and stress I am a free agent and ready to blog away to my heart's content! 
Get excited, I am.

Friday, 19 March 2010

Spring 2010

I ♥ this look!
Note to self: must buy khaki jacket, leopard print scarf à la Vuitton and ... an Alexa... sigh, I guess I'll have to keep dreaming on that one!

Military Parka : Topshop
Tunic : Alexander Wang
Peep Toe Wedges : Topshop
Leopard Print Snood : Topshop
Alexa Bag : Mulberry

Monday, 15 March 2010

Mirror Mirror on the wall, find me a dress to wear to the ball...

Elie Saab Fall 2010

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Forget Dior - Moi? J'adore Chloé!

For some, Chloé's collection for Fall 2010 may seem a little... well, bland. Gone are the scalloped edges, floaty dresses and delicate fabrics that we have come to expect from Hannah MacGibbon and instead, we are offered a 'no-frills', clear cut alternative with tailored, and somewhat androgynous pieces.
However, that certainly does not mean the collection is by any means less feminine. In fact, it seems that MacGibbon's new collection exemplifies the modern context of that exact word - 
What does it mean to be feminine in 2010?
I promise you, this latest collection provides all the answers, and there isn't even a hint of pink...

Women today belong to the professional world. We are, or are at least close to becoming our male counterpart's equals. So, why not wear a trouser suit to work? and LOOK BETTER than your male boss who is forced to wear the same outfit because his sex has no alternative option. 
Ladies, we can definitely pull off the military look as well as any soldier...
Can men wear slouchy trousers with heels? I think not. 

Hannah MacGibbon - I salute you!
I'll not deny that I am one of those girls that will always opt for a dress over a pair of trousers, but maybe it's time to make a change and if that means Chloé is leading the way for Fall 2010, then I will quite happily follow suit.

Friday, 5 March 2010

Hi Ho, Hi Ho...

Now normally I would look at these jeans, raise my eyebrows and say, "really"? And that's being kind. 
Look at the shape, instead of elongating the leg, they somehow make them seem as though they belong to one of Snow White's seven little men, and a dumpy one at that. (Imagine the photo was taken of her standing straight, both legs side by side - see what I mean?)
But then, I'm forced to look at the bigger picture - it was Monsieur Sartorialist after all who papped this lovely lady. Surely she deserves a second glance.
Everything else about this look works; the khaki beige jacket, the nude layering of her t-shirts, that little flash of green on her belt - it's all very Spring 2010.
But that denim! I'm just not sure I'm convinced. 
I can forgive, but I definitely cannot forget... sometimes vintage my friends, should definitely remain vintage.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Officially En Vogue!

OMG it's little old me... in French Vogue! 
Somebody pinch me!

To translate:
Charlene Barton - Student, blogger, and indispensable to all of French Vogue's London fashion spreads: at just 21 years old, this is a girl of many talents. Not only has she appeared on many TV shows, but Charlene has also sung for Prince Charles. 
This is someone Vogue simply could not allow to let pass them by.  

Merci, Carine!

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Concrete Jungle.

I'm still obsessed with New York - in fact, it's no1 on my to do list to go once I finish my exams.
Till then I'll just have to admire the Sartorialist's images - and dream about owning this girl's jacket ♥ 

Friday, 12 February 2010

For the redheads.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

New York New York.

Oh my. 
I am experiencing pangs.
Pangs for New York. 
The Big Apple, the city of bright lights, of dreams, the city that never sleeps. 
Someone take me, please!

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Style Icon.


Monday, 8 February 2010

Come back to me...

Saturday, 6 February 2010

If I were a boy...


I've always championed Coco.
In fact, I tend to champion all beautiful redheads, mainly because we are a dying breed and need to stick together. However, I just cannot champion this creation.

Seeing Coco on the catwalk at the Elie Saab Autumn/Winter show in Paris last year, I thought, now there is a girl who stands out from the crowd. And I believe that was her intention with this dress. Yes, I understand that in a sea of gowns you don't want to blend in, it's important to be different, to not "play it safe". But this Coco? No no NO! this just will not do.
It looks like something she has borrowed from Snow White.

While I LOVE the richness of the blue - it is absolutely stunning against her skin tone, the gold shoulder pads and skirt make it look cheap. A touch of embellishment would have gone a long way. But even then, there is the issue of the silhouette. The fabric is all wrong.

Her intention? to create something, "an 18th century superlady might wear to a ball". "To draw inspiration from the past while at the same time including elements and fabrics with a futuristic feel".
The word oxymoron springs to mind.
Opposites might attract sometimes, but I'm not so sure they do here.  If you want to do futuristic Coco, do it à la Chanel but don't outmode it by going back 300 years in the past.
Fashion is about looking FORWARD.

What do you think?

Thursday, 28 January 2010

But baby, it's cold outside...

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Ca c'est Paris!

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Rising Star.

First things first...
Happy New Year!
Yes I realise this is extremely late and almost doesn't count anymore, but I have been a busy little bee!

Which brings me to the inspiration for this post:
Claude Simonon
Look out for him in the next issue of Vogue Hommes.
Only 16, Claude's star is certainly rising and what's more, he is so very down to earth, polite and an absolute pleasure to work with.
 Claude, La Voguette is definitely a fan!