Wednesday, 17 August 2011


Day two - Officially THE most surreal day of my entire life...

Miss Moss arrives three hours late, but of course, fashionably so in her staple uniform of jeans, black blazer and again, those Louboutin knee-highs.
On her arm? Mr Hince.
As Kate is whisked off to hair and make-up, her then fiance joins me on the sofa and there we sit, happily reading the morning papers. 
By this point, there is mention of three male models arriving on set - news that is more than welcome to my pearl studded ears. And through the door they walk, perfectly chiseled, tanned: the epitome of handsome. One gives me a wink and a cheesy, "Hey", but yes I'll admit - my knees did wobble and I think my response was more a squeak than anything reminiscent of the english language. 
They start looking through the rails, obviously confused by the lack of menswear...
 Sorry boys, that's just it - there are no clothes for you - no, instead you will be stripping down to (and forgive the phrase) your tighty-whities. But that's for later... till then - have I introduced you to the sofa?

Queue Kate - hair and make-up done, we're ready to go. 
First look of the day? This Elie Saab number:

Followed by Valentino...
Note the sign of a true model, they pose literally from their fingertips to their toes:

 Oui - je sais... c'est juste magnifique.

With the shoot fully underway, the wigs come back out, spirits are high, Elton John is singing his heart out through the speakers and before we know it, it's 10pm. 
The male models? Fast asleep on the sofa - they've been waiting ten hours for their moment BUT finally, here it is. Time to flash those whites, and believe me they have no qualms about showing them off.
 With a touch of make-up, they're ready. 
Miss Moss? Not quite.
Another hour passes while Kate is in make-up, and in that time I kid you not - the boys stood in their pants, in a row, in front of the mirror - no conversation exchanged, just merely admiring their own reflections. 
Now I'm not one to stereo-type, but...

Et voila - the finished product. 
Poor lads - ten hours of waiting and they only got their arms in the shot, but hey, it's the experience that counts right?
 And what an experience.

To round it off, we finished at 3am with this Givenchy masterpiece and Elton John's 'Rocketman' on full blast.


And in the words of the song:
I think it's gonna be a long long time
Till touch down brings me round again...

Monday, 18 July 2011

Le trench.

♥ Oui! c'est moi, sporting the new Trench ♥

(with brother's shrunken Zara jumper - shhh don't tell him! Primark top, Topshop jeans and vintage Ferragamo shoes)

See what the rest of the Elle team wears to work here

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Moi, je compte sur Comptoir...

La Voguette est SUPER contente... (et oui, un peu obsédé par la langue Française aujourd'hui - j'en ai parlé toute la journée - avec des autres... avec mes chiens... avec moi-même... si, la folie.)
For months now, I have been pining for this Comptoir des Cotonniers trench.
Sublime non?
We first met in a fashion cupboard, two seasons ago. 
I should have been enjoying the freedom that is out of office hours, a.k.a Saturday morning, but instead, little miss Voguette was working like a fiend. My eyes/those buttons, it was an instant attraction - mutual - I knew we belonged together, but alas like all samples, the clock would strike 12 on Monday morning and the courrier would come to take it away, never to be seen again. 

Sadly, that is what happened.
I searched every boutique, every website, I even tried the PR - No. Such. Luck.
It was gone, forever - a distant dream, a distant memory...

That is, until two weeks ago.
Something within me stirred my curiosity, I just had to know if it was out there. I began searching frantically on Ebay for my long lost trench and several descriptive combinations later, there it was - in all it's perfect khaki glory. Just an English Channel apart, nothing would stop me; I would fight to the bitter end, defying anyone who tried to out-bid me.  

I won.
Et je l'adore.

Sunday, 26 June 2011


Wearing a grey cashmere sweater, jeans, knee high Louboutins (which I am now endlessly searching for on ebay) and a black floppy hat a la Faye Dunaway - Miss Moss had entered the room. 

"Hi, I'm Kate" - Yes, I know.
(To say I was a little starstruck would be an understatement.)

Her voice was raspy and childlike, making her seem almost fragile, naive - like she needed to be wrapped up in cotton wool, away from all the media attention and pressure. And yet, she was excitable, bouncy almost, desperate to play dress up amongst all the couture.

We started with the Armani Prive.

Wigs were flying, from a Debbie Harry blowout, to well, the little pink number pictured above. Mert (of Mert and Marcus) was sporting a rather fabulous multicoloured crimped 'fro a la Topshop Unique circa SS11, while my own head became prop to a thick fringed blonde bob - a look I certainly won't be trying out any time soon. 
Yes, the madness had begun.
Before I knew it, Kate had placed her engagement ring in my hand, asking me to keep it safe for her while she was on set. Now, I could of course, have run away there and then, made my millions and be living on a yacht somewhere... fortunately (for Kate) I decided it was probably a little too risky.

Oh and yes, the ring? Absolutely BEAUTIFUL.

By now, the shoot was in full swing.
Elton John was on repeat, followed by George - all the gay greats. Part of me wanted to give in to the music, find a microphone and belt out 'Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me' with the best of them (Karaoke is a regular occurence with the French Vogue team). But no, I reined it in, and instead, focused my attention on Kate.

She was beautiful. Once you see her in front of the camera, you automatically understand the reason behind her success. I found myself in awe, emotional even...
There I was, lucky enough to witness an icon, no a legend, at work.
It was simply incredible.

Stay tuned for Day Two in Part Three...

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Mayfair in Miu Miu

This is my favourite look from Autumn/Winter 2011.
So 1940s Hollywood Glamour, so Rita Hayworth.

And today - I got to wear it.

Yes, sometimes I just LOVE my job.

The September Issue of ELLE will reveal all...

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

My weekend with Kate (MOSS) PART 1.

So a little while ago, I mentioned having spent a very surreal weekend with none other than Kate Moss herself.
Now, if I'm being honest, surreal doesn't quite cut it.
This was 100% THE most unforgettable 48 hours I have ever spent in my fashion career so far.

I just wish I could reveal everything, because believe me, it is fashion GOLD.
But if I did that, I would probably never work in this industry again - some things are best kept as secret...

I won't deny you everything though.
Here's a PG version of the most incredible shoot I have ever worked on:

Couture, couture and more couture.

Literally a week fresh from the Spring 2011 runway, myself and the other French Vogue assistant are busy unpacking the world's most incredible, and most expensive garments of the new season. Dior, Chanel, Valentino, Armani Prive, Jean Paul Gaultier... oh and of course, Givenchy, which did I mention, travelled especially on the Eurostar, accompanied by one of their PR's. Fedex? please, this is couture darling. 

There is an obvious buzz in the atmosphere - for everyone knows that the best of the best are all here to produce something quite incroyable. It's extremely exciting. Mert and Marcus are busy setting up, Emmanuelle is examining the rail, looking effortlessly fabulous in her staple ensemble (skinny black leather trousers, loose tee, navy Balmain blazer) and I'm quietly trying to channel Gaga by cramming my feet into some 8 inch diamante encrusted platform Christian Louboutin's (let's just say I wasn't born that way).
Queue Kate...

Stay tuned - there's nothing like suspense to keep you wanting more ;)

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Tights Please.

I must admit, I've never really been tempted to join the dark side - that is, to go GOTHIC.
My pale skin already leaves me bordering on Vampire status - flaming red hair, alabaster skin - the perfect DNA for a Twilight character.

But then Sarah Burton changed everything. Giles Deacon, Oliver Theyskens, Julien Macdonald.. they've all moved to the dark side for Autumn/Winter and I, like a black sheep, am finally ready to follow their lead. 

So when my lovely friends at Tights Please asked me to try out these beautiful Jonathan Aston socks, I responded with an absolute YES. Decorated with delicate black lace - my milk bottle legs never looked so good.

Now my official go-to for all things hosiery - Tights? Stockings? Socks
You name it, Tights Please have got it. 

Monday, 16 May 2011

Hello from Amsterdam...

Living above Chanel? Why didn't I think of that...

Friday, 4 March 2011

OMG... It's ME.

Yes friends, that is me sporting a fishtail plait and next season's new long silhouette...

The April Issue of ELLE is out tomorrow - GO AND BUY IT. 

This month, the interns not only grace the Style for Less supplement as seen above, but there is also a special feature on the young 'Rising Stars' of the magazine inside the main issue.
(For that you will have to buy the mag - I'll blog about the experience once you've spent your pennies!)

Until then, enjoy my High Street pick for next season - and if anyone from Mango, Reiss or New Look are reading, yes I will accept a free gift for wearing your products so well ;)

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Rodarte for Opening Ceremony.

I ♥ Rodarte
I also ♥ Opening Ceremony
But I ♥ ♥ this AMAZING new collaboration between the two... 

The collection has just literally gone on sale at Harvey Nichols this week and will be available at Dover Street Market from the beginning of March.

Tomorrow's agenda?
Rob a bank so that I can buy the entire collection...
All in the name of fashion darlings.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Charles Anastase AW11

Inspired by his upbringing in "dark, rainy" France, Charles Anastase could not have picked a better day to showcase his AW collection at LFW this season. With Walker Scott's 'It's Raining Today', playing prior to the show, only to be followed by Brigitte Fontaine's Il Pleut, it all seemed a little too coincidental... Did Mr Anastase tip off the weatherman? We couldn't help but wonder...

Charles' vision had since moved on from Spring/Summer 2011 - the glasses were gone, as were the prim fringes, favoured for brushed out tresses with a severe centre parting. The innocent girl still remained however, but this time there were glimpses of rebellion: impossibly short hemlines were paired with cuissardes - that's français for thigh skimming boots, sickly sweet pinks subverted stereo-type in sheer fabrics and the traditional chelsea boot met a 5 inch platform to reflect the "naughty" evolution of Anastase's Princess.

Colours were autumnal in burgundies, burnt reds, browns and toffee beiges: a favourable palette to match the tweeds, mohairs and velvets that dominated this incredibly wearable collection; while flickers of gold, red and metallic embellishment ticked the boxes for the festive season.

All in all - a triumph.

So let it rain, in fact let it pour for Monsieur Anastase... moi? J'adore.

What I wore...

Vintage dress, L.K Bennett shoes, vintage Christian Dior bag

Wednesday, 16 February 2011


Just when I thought life couldn't get any more surreal, Monday night happened. 
Greeted by a red-carpet and a mass of paparazzi, myself and fellow ELLE Girl Grace (Little Miss London Snog) hopped out of our car and turned our celebrity on. (Sadly, there was no need to shout 'No photos please', someone had clearly forgotten to brief the Paps about my past as a child star - best notify them for next time). 
Armed with notebooks, our mission for the night was to find out exactly what the celebs were wearing...
A reason to talk to the stars? This was going to be fun.

Fearne Cotton told me she liked my dress (it was vintage darling), Jameela Jamil asked me where the loos were (can I just say she is STUNNING), Lily Cole and I exchanged words about her denying her ginger roots (she assured me they will be back), oh and David Gandy proposed (ok so that might just be a little white lie, but we still conversed about his suit).

Did I mention Blake Lively, Thandie Newton, Coco Rocha (I ♥ her), Alexa (those eyes), Helena Christensen, Jo Whiley, Ellie Goulding, Laura Bailey, Emma Watson, Stephen Dorff, George Lamb, Geri Halliwell, Sophie Ellis Bextor, Eliza Doolittle, Julien Macdonald, Courtney love, Donna Air, Jamie Winston and Pixie Geldof all spared a few stolen moments to speak to me... 
No, surreal doesn’t quite cover it.

We dined, we drank champagne (lots of champagne), we sat in awe as Tom Ford graced the stage, we laughed nervously as Vivienne Westwood confessed to not knowing who Emma Watson was, minutes before presenting Emma with the Style Icon award, and finally we danced our way into the early hours as Boy George manned the decks.

Oh, what a night.

Thank you ELLE. 
Watch the highlights here.

My favourite look of the night, Alexa in YSL.

Blake Lively in Emilio Pucci 

Cheryl in Alexander McQueen

Coco Rocha in Alexander McQueen

Courtney Love in Givenchy

The love of my life in Lawson Walker

Emma Watson in Hakaan

Thandie Newton in Louis Vuitton

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Wu me.

Jason Wu - the name doesn't exactly scream cutting edge fashion, more prim, proper austerity. 

Mr Wu dresses the Lady, quite literally in fact, given that he remains designer of choice for Michelle Obama. And yet, having just viewed his latest collection in NY for AW11, I must admit I am starting to see this young designer in a new light... 

His designs are extremely polished, safe; there is nothing exactly new or exciting about them - a polar opposite you might say to to Miuccia Prada and her bananas. Instead, Mr Wu is more aligned with the likes of Mademoiselle Chanel who so famously claimed: 

"Fashion ... goes out of fashion. Style never"

While some may dare to class his creations as boring - I am, on the other hand, completely Wu-ed.

When I win that Oscar...

Lunch with the Queen...

Friday, 11 February 2011

Me and Kate.

Last weekend was the most surreal of my life.

I spent it with Kate Moss.

I can't say much more than that (all will be revealed sooner or later, so stay tuned!) but until then, here is an homage to a woman that need only look at a camera to make it fall in love with her.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Me and Carine.

So... a few weeks back French Vogue called.

Carine was in town to shoot an exclusive Gucci editorial with Mario Sorrenti and required my assistance -  "Ah mais oui, bien sur, pas de souci" I replied. Then they hit me with a bombshell - her main assistant in Paris wouldn't be coming - this time, Madame Roitfeld was strictly in need of MY assistance, i.e. mine and only mine, yes one-on-one, little old me and one of fashion's most powerful figure-heads. Gulp.

The day of the shoot arrived.

All samples were due from Milan and Venice that morning, which meant I was at the mercy of international couriers. Now, if you work in fashion, you will know that this is definitely not an ideal situation to be in, but it is even less ideal when you are assisting the Editor-in-Chief of French Vogue and have not been involved with the initial preparation for the shoot. All I could do was wait, pray that everything would go to plan, and nurse my fears by attacking the free breakfast.

At 9.30am, I was presented with an enormous delivery from Milan. Hallelujah!!! Time to step away from the croissants and get to work. I got down on my hands and knees, armed with scissors and tore my way through mountains of tissue paper and bubble wrap. My heart was pounding with the excitement of seeing Carine's selected pieces... and there they were, waiting patiently underneath: a treasure trove of vintage accessories, spanning from the 1920s to the 1990s.
Pure. Gucci.  Heaven.

I began laying out each piece with tender-loving care, indulging in seeing my reflection holding such coveted and iconic maroquinerie, when an amazonian goddess entered the room.

"Hi, I'm Arizona"...
"Hi, I'm short... I mean Charlene!"

(Wow. There's nothing quite like an impossibly thin model to make you regret having just scoffed a croissant).

Radiating a flawless, ethereal beauty, it's hardly surprising that this girl has been chosen as the face for YSL's SS11 campaigns - mark my words now, she is going to be huge! Besides making me feel extremely inadeqate, Arizona's presence also reminded me of a hugely worrying factor - we had a model, bags, shoes and belts - mais pas de vetements... this girl was going to be seriously naked if the second delivery didn't arrive soon.

The Lord must have heard my prayers, because then, right on cue - the second box was planted at my feet. PHEW. With a silent prayer of thanks, I opened the second box, only to find jewellery... 

I frantically dialed the office in Paris - voicemail. Sweet Jesus, please send me some clothes! It's safe to say my heart was pounding by now, Carine would be here any minute and we had nothing to dress the model in. A few calls later, I was told that the final delivery - les vetements - were stuck in customs and wouldn't be at the studio for another 2 hours at least...
Three letters came to mind at that moment. F.M.L.

And then she arrived. Carine. Wearing a vintage suede Alexander McQueen skirt, her uniform Christian Louboutins and the most SUBLIME camel cape (that's French Vogue speak for amazing). We did the standard double french kiss, she told me how much my hair had grown (did I mention how much I adore this woman?) and then it was time to break the news...

No clothes? No problem. We will shoot her naked.

And that's exactly what we did.

Buy this month's French Vogue to see the real deal.

Monday, 24 January 2011

Walk with me Daddy.

Every so often, a photographer captures a moment in time that is so beautiful, it can literally steal your breath away.
This for me, is one of those moments. 
Nothing about this image is contrived - it is quite simply human nature at it's most precious. 
 From the synchronised footsteps, the matching hands in pockets, the innocence of the little girl's undone shoe-lace and the doting paternal glance, Tommy Ton has managed to eternalise the father/daughter bond in one simple click.

Monday, 17 January 2011

Hopped up out of bed, turned my Chanel on...

 I wish I could say that this was a real Chanel find... sadly, I cannot.
But! what I can say is, I LOVE MY COAT.
Merci Maman (yes I got it from my mama).

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Sunday, 16 January 2011

Love, Love, LOVE this!

I'm not sure I've ever loved a street style image more...
Everything down to the colour coordinated socks just screams effortless chic.
Props to you Mademoiselle, this is definitely a look that I will be channeling myself. 

Source: Elenita