Wednesday, 17 August 2011


Day two - Officially THE most surreal day of my entire life...

Miss Moss arrives three hours late, but of course, fashionably so in her staple uniform of jeans, black blazer and again, those Louboutin knee-highs.
On her arm? Mr Hince.
As Kate is whisked off to hair and make-up, her then fiance joins me on the sofa and there we sit, happily reading the morning papers. 
By this point, there is mention of three male models arriving on set - news that is more than welcome to my pearl studded ears. And through the door they walk, perfectly chiseled, tanned: the epitome of handsome. One gives me a wink and a cheesy, "Hey", but yes I'll admit - my knees did wobble and I think my response was more a squeak than anything reminiscent of the english language. 
They start looking through the rails, obviously confused by the lack of menswear...
 Sorry boys, that's just it - there are no clothes for you - no, instead you will be stripping down to (and forgive the phrase) your tighty-whities. But that's for later... till then - have I introduced you to the sofa?

Queue Kate - hair and make-up done, we're ready to go. 
First look of the day? This Elie Saab number:

Followed by Valentino...
Note the sign of a true model, they pose literally from their fingertips to their toes:

 Oui - je sais... c'est juste magnifique.

With the shoot fully underway, the wigs come back out, spirits are high, Elton John is singing his heart out through the speakers and before we know it, it's 10pm. 
The male models? Fast asleep on the sofa - they've been waiting ten hours for their moment BUT finally, here it is. Time to flash those whites, and believe me they have no qualms about showing them off.
 With a touch of make-up, they're ready. 
Miss Moss? Not quite.
Another hour passes while Kate is in make-up, and in that time I kid you not - the boys stood in their pants, in a row, in front of the mirror - no conversation exchanged, just merely admiring their own reflections. 
Now I'm not one to stereo-type, but...

Et voila - the finished product. 
Poor lads - ten hours of waiting and they only got their arms in the shot, but hey, it's the experience that counts right?
 And what an experience.

To round it off, we finished at 3am with this Givenchy masterpiece and Elton John's 'Rocketman' on full blast.


And in the words of the song:
I think it's gonna be a long long time
Till touch down brings me round again...