Thursday, 3 September 2009

Let the journey begin...

So I started this blog and decided to give myself the appellation (isn't that a great word, I just discovered it!) of La Voguette. However, I have completely failed in writing anything that makes me worthy of this persona, in fact I seem to have failed in writing very much at all - bad blogger... commitment Charlene, come on.
While sitting here in my humble Hemel Hempstead home, I realised that I have experienced what is probably the dream of every young girl - the chance to live and breathe fashion in la vraie ville de la mode, and believe me live and breath it you shall!
The fashion industry is incredible but it is not for the fainthearted, to work with the best you have to be the best and that my friends, is a beautiful thing. That is why French Vogue is undoubtedly sovereign, the cream of the fashion crop (in my eyes anyway). I think it's time for said eyes to reveal what they have seen...
Let our journey begin.

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