Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Dear Santa...

I know it's early but if I promise to be a really good girl this year could you please bring me a lifesize pair of these diamond incrusted Louboutins?

Pretty please?

Monday, 22 June 2009

And they call it... Puppy Love.

It's summer. We are all looking for THE ultimate accessory. Well I think i've found it...

Just look at that adorable little bundle of fur! Go on I dare you not to sigh a little in sheer delight at such a CUTE specimen. And look how wonderfully she matches that Dolce jumpsuit!

Yes, you could buy the latest IT bag but how long will it take before you're bored and are looking for the next Paddington or Birkin? But a puppy... now there's a different story. Instead of wearing dead fur on your back why not carry the real thing on your arm? Let it live and breathe as nature intended and watch as it showers you with unconditional love. I love my Bayswater, i really do but i sometimes feel our love is a little one-sided. Yes, my bag is a little selfish... I take it on outings, call it "baby", try not to fill it too much so it doesn't lose its perfect shape and have accepted having to resort to second best as it commands all the attention on entering a room (is this what it's like to be a boyfriend?). It's like a living species except, it's not and quite frankly I feel a little underappreciated.

So I have decided that instead of investing all my affections on maroquinerie, I am going to make like Dolce and Gabbana and get myself a perfect pooch. I know a dog may not do all the things that my Bayswater does, but at least I will know that at the end of the day when I lay her down to bed I won't be rewarded with silence, but in its place the most tremendous feeling of appreciation that can only come from those wistful puppy dog eyes.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Buried treasure

I was once in love with a Burberry trench...

It was beautiful; beige with a black scalloped trim (oh so chloé-esque). I would see it every day, hanging up on the curtain rail, its perfectly round buttons staring at me, like puppy dog eyes just daring me to take it down and try it on. I could imagine myself walking down la rue saint honoré adorned in skinny jeans, louboutins (i dream big) and that oh. so. perfect. trench.
But my fascinations always had to stop there because it would and could never be mine.

But why? i hear you whisper.

The reason being it belonged to my boss and fashion extra-ordinaire, Carine Roitfeld. I cannot even describe the respect I have for that woman, the times she would walk into the fashion department and her presence would just consume the attention of everyone in the room; all eyes on her outfit - and can i just say it was always AMAZING.
But yes, i will always have a little bone to pick with her and that bone is in the form of a Burberry trench. In my 3 months interning at French Vogue, that beauty sat on its rail and never left the fashion cupboard once. You see children, this is what happens when you are in the fashion elite - amazing pieces are thrown at you everyday but they just become buried treasure in the heap of pretty packages with your name on them.

Oh the life it could have had...

But life moves on, and so has my Burberry eye candy.

Say hello to this oh so classic trench from the resort 2010 collection. So simple and soo perfect for my first day at Vogue tomorrow...

I guess I'll just have to keep on dreaming...

Saturday, 20 June 2009

La Voguette.


Boring! don't we all? I would estimate that at least 67.8% of my generation have been quoted in saying this very short and unimaginative sentence. In a time when everyone is trying to be individual are we not all subconsciously becoming a clone of one another? The short answer would be yes.

And yet here I am starting a fashion blog, joining the fashion brigade and ultimately becoming a sheep to la mode's shepherd... I can't help it, I want in.

In two days I will be swapping French Vogue's fashion cupboard, better known to myself and my fellow interns as chez moi, for la version anglaise at British Vogue. My soul has already been sold to the industry but now its time to document it.
Let La Voguette adventures continue...