Sunday, 19 September 2010

A little taste of LFW...

So Olivia Palermo is extremely BEAUTIFUL and TINY.
Cat Deeley just looks like the loveliest person ever.
And Sienna Miller has gone up even higher on my list of ultimate style icons.

I can't reveal any more details than that - but let's just say today has been a great day for British Fashion. 
I have seen some amazing and inspirational young designers, had a taste of the front row treatment and found myself singing all the way home on the train (much to the delight of a few oldies) - what can I say fashion has put a hop in my step! 

Here's hoping I find myself opposite a front row of this calibre tomorrow...  


Saturday, 18 September 2010

Pop your collar.

3.1. Phillip Lim S/S 2011

A fresh new take on the LBD from Mr Phillip Lim ♥
After work drinks? No need to change your dress ladies, just make like the Pope and transform your outfit with a new collar for every occasion.
 Amen to that.

The Time is NOW.

NYFW = Done!
LFW = Well and truly underway!

It's an exciting time in the fashion world Ladies & Gents - the green lights are shining and it's all GO GO GO.
The last 48 hours of final preparations have seen stress levels rise through the roof at Elle HQ; many a Liz Hurley snack bar has been consumed (definitely not through choice but necessity, sorry Liz but they really do taste like cardboard), heels have been kicked off and a few tears have been shed... but now there is no time like the present! Get down to Somerset House, VFS or On/Off to find next season's emerging talent and inspiration. I'll be donning my fashion spectacles all day tomorrow so look out for me!
Today however, I am allowing myself a very much needed day off with my mama.

Monday, 13 September 2010

Sneak a Peek

The last time I wore trainers in a non-sports situation was on a French Exchange trip with school. Myself and my best friend were 15 at the time, and had been invited to stay with our twin exchange students for a fortnight in rural France. I can still remember so vividly, the four of us strolling down a cobbled street, chatting away in broken english and french - our petites françaises were tottering along in their kitten heels (always one step ahead dans la mode) while myself and my fellow anglaise pounded the streets in our matching style statements of the time: brown bomber jackets with fur hoods, baggy jeans and of course, the latest Adidas skater trainers. 
We couldn't have made a greater contrast to our francophone amies. 
Suddenly our conversation moved from a light hearted exchange of swear words and funny expressions to a rather blunt outburst delivered in unison by the twins: 
"Why do you wear zese shoes? you don't like to feel pretty?"
Shocked, myself and my friend exchanged embarrassed glances,
"Pourquoi? mais c'est la mode in England!"

We were defiant, angry even! We didn't need to wear little heels to prove our femininity - hadn't Destiny's Child only just told us that we were all independent women? Beyoncé wouldn't want us to 'throw our hands up at her' in some prissy little shoes! Oh no! We wore our 'sneakers' and we wore them with pride...

Of course looking back, we can see that we looked like Sean-Paul wannabes, but at the time? Well, we were bang on trend!

And just who has the last laugh now? If Isabel Marant can make trainers look this beautiful, then I think it may be time to dig out my old bomber and baggy jeans...

Saturday, 11 September 2010


So yesterday my bank account had a bad day - my wardrobe however is extremely happy!
(You win some, you lose some).
I'm starting to think that Topshop should probably take a restraining order against me because if I'm honest, my addiction is getting ever so slightly out of hand...
During a very extravagant and completely unjustified spree in Oxford Circus last night, I spied this absolute masterpiece. Topshop Unique have given a firm nod to this season's 1950s outdoorsy trend with this STUNNING wax jacket, but they've only gone and given it a shearling trim too! Now nobody likes a show-off Topshop! but what a genius idea: two trends in one and beautiful at that.
Just need to find £250 so that I can bring it home...

Back in action!

Fashion friends!!!!

Oh what a trauma I have had!
I haven't been able to access my blog in over a month and was finally starting to accept defeat and come to terms with the idea that my beautiful blog was alas, finito - capute!
BUT never underestimate LaVoguette, I have cracked Google's mind-boggling codes and am back!

I have so much to tell you, stay tuned...