Sunday, 6 September 2009

Rain rain go away PLEASE come back another day!

Snow, ice, rain and sleet: as impossible a combination as these are, I found myself fighting with all four on my first day at Vogue; a day that I like to remember as “le premier jour du reste de ma vie…

Now imagine those pitiful people, standing at the side of the road in a desperate battle with their umbrella as they try to avoid the complete horror of looking like they have swum fully clothed through a swimming pool but failing miserably, then voila - you have correctly pictured little old me.

I was wearing my vintage cowboy boots, a somewhat signature part of my wardrobe at the time (I should note it was February) which on leaving the house remained a perfect suede brown but were now a big fashion NO. They had somehow turned strangely bi-colour from where the rain and snow had darkened the entire toe area, making said boots look as though they should have been kept tucked away in the wardrobe of their original owner who was probably a blind cowboy and definitely not about to enter Parisian Vogue Headquarters.

So what did I do?  
I ran… People do not run in France, you see rushing is unheard of, you take your time about everything but I didn't care, I would not let this weather and whoever invented suede get the better of me! By the time I reached the gates of the Elysée building, let’s just say the disaster that was my boots had now escalated to the point where the entire foot area was a cold and wet dark brown while the remainder was its original chestnut. Yes this may seem a trivial matter to some, but when you are about to begin working with arguably, the best dressed people in the world, you want to look your best. But there wasn't much I could do about it now or I would risk being late for my first day so in I went, making my way to the Vogue floor while avoiding any eye-contact with my traitorous boots.

I made my way down the corridor, faced with an archive of canvas Vogue covers either side of me until I reached the fashion department and there, greeted by an array of beautiful and yes skinny women, my Vogue Adventure was begun...

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