Saturday, 6 February 2010


I've always championed Coco.
In fact, I tend to champion all beautiful redheads, mainly because we are a dying breed and need to stick together. However, I just cannot champion this creation.

Seeing Coco on the catwalk at the Elie Saab Autumn/Winter show in Paris last year, I thought, now there is a girl who stands out from the crowd. And I believe that was her intention with this dress. Yes, I understand that in a sea of gowns you don't want to blend in, it's important to be different, to not "play it safe". But this Coco? No no NO! this just will not do.
It looks like something she has borrowed from Snow White.

While I LOVE the richness of the blue - it is absolutely stunning against her skin tone, the gold shoulder pads and skirt make it look cheap. A touch of embellishment would have gone a long way. But even then, there is the issue of the silhouette. The fabric is all wrong.

Her intention? to create something, "an 18th century superlady might wear to a ball". "To draw inspiration from the past while at the same time including elements and fabrics with a futuristic feel".
The word oxymoron springs to mind.
Opposites might attract sometimes, but I'm not so sure they do here.  If you want to do futuristic Coco, do it à la Chanel but don't outmode it by going back 300 years in the past.
Fashion is about looking FORWARD.

What do you think?

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