Saturday, 11 September 2010


So yesterday my bank account had a bad day - my wardrobe however is extremely happy!
(You win some, you lose some).
I'm starting to think that Topshop should probably take a restraining order against me because if I'm honest, my addiction is getting ever so slightly out of hand...
During a very extravagant and completely unjustified spree in Oxford Circus last night, I spied this absolute masterpiece. Topshop Unique have given a firm nod to this season's 1950s outdoorsy trend with this STUNNING wax jacket, but they've only gone and given it a shearling trim too! Now nobody likes a show-off Topshop! but what a genius idea: two trends in one and beautiful at that.
Just need to find £250 so that I can bring it home...

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Gracie said...

Errrrrr OBSESSED with this!!!! I need i need i neeeeeed!!!