Sunday, 26 June 2011


Wearing a grey cashmere sweater, jeans, knee high Louboutins (which I am now endlessly searching for on ebay) and a black floppy hat a la Faye Dunaway - Miss Moss had entered the room. 

"Hi, I'm Kate" - Yes, I know.
(To say I was a little starstruck would be an understatement.)

Her voice was raspy and childlike, making her seem almost fragile, naive - like she needed to be wrapped up in cotton wool, away from all the media attention and pressure. And yet, she was excitable, bouncy almost, desperate to play dress up amongst all the couture.

We started with the Armani Prive.

Wigs were flying, from a Debbie Harry blowout, to well, the little pink number pictured above. Mert (of Mert and Marcus) was sporting a rather fabulous multicoloured crimped 'fro a la Topshop Unique circa SS11, while my own head became prop to a thick fringed blonde bob - a look I certainly won't be trying out any time soon. 
Yes, the madness had begun.
Before I knew it, Kate had placed her engagement ring in my hand, asking me to keep it safe for her while she was on set. Now, I could of course, have run away there and then, made my millions and be living on a yacht somewhere... fortunately (for Kate) I decided it was probably a little too risky.

Oh and yes, the ring? Absolutely BEAUTIFUL.

By now, the shoot was in full swing.
Elton John was on repeat, followed by George - all the gay greats. Part of me wanted to give in to the music, find a microphone and belt out 'Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me' with the best of them (Karaoke is a regular occurence with the French Vogue team). But no, I reined it in, and instead, focused my attention on Kate.

She was beautiful. Once you see her in front of the camera, you automatically understand the reason behind her success. I found myself in awe, emotional even...
There I was, lucky enough to witness an icon, no a legend, at work.
It was simply incredible.

Stay tuned for Day Two in Part Three...

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