Wednesday, 14 October 2009

She's with us!

It's fashion week, the next big show is Elie Saab of red carpet fame.
The junior fashion editor has forgotten her invites, cue a moment of panic and then a solution - I am asked to go down to Le carousel du Louvre, find the Vogue team and give them their invites. Hell yes I can do that.
A glorious day, I decide to walk down la rue saint honoré and then I catch a glimpse of my reflection in Fendi's shop window - oh no this just will not do. I look... so... BRITISH! why oh why did I decide to wear a Jack Daniel's t-shirt today of all days, this is fashion week not Beerfest!
 Now I wish I could say that I took myself in to Lanvin to make myself look more Fashion Week-esque but I think we all know that didn't happen - I could barely afford food (well that's not a bad thing in fashion - skinny?!) let alone a £1000 dress. So I would have to embrace the fact that I was a Londoner, embracing London style and ignore the voice inside me that was howling at the fact that I was not wearing my most amazing outfit.
I arrive at Le carousel - people are already queueing in a desperate bid to be allowed in without an invite, bless. No sign of the Vogue team yet, so I wait... and wait, and wait. Omg have I missed them? please don't let this be A Devil Wears Prada moment, my heart feels like it's going to explode out of my Jack Daniels printed chest. I run over to the people at the door...
"Bonjour je suis avec le magazine Vogue (God i LOVE saying that) est-ce que l'equipe est déjà entrée?"
"Non. Pas encore"
Phew. Ok time to breathe.
And then they appear, my god they are just so cool. A uniform of black, beauty and effortless style.
My street-cred has just risen by 100%, the Vogue team are calling my name!
"Tu viens avec nous"
... wait did I hear that right?
They take me over to the door and lead me in...
"Where is your invite Miss?" but before I can even muster up a response someone grabs me by the hand and says,
"She's with us".
Wow did that really just happen?
I am in awe.
We sit in the second row (erm... guys I had the front row at the Atsuro Tayama show - you're slacking) and then the music starts and fashion comes to life.
God I love you Vogue.

Coco Rocha, Jessica Stam, Sasha Pivovarova, Carmen Kass - you name it they walked.

And can I just say, Coco absolutely KILLS the runway - I ♥ her.

The designs were breathtaking, of all the shows that I could have seen this would definitely have been up there on my list. I love old school glamour, the Hollywoodesque, red carpet couture - and if anyone can achieve that to perfection it's Elie Saab.

And yes, I got backstage.
Now this was unintentional. The show ends, the Vogue team get up and automatically start walking in a different direction to the crowd. Oh god, what do I do? should I follow them? should I just go back to work?
I follow them... well I would have been stupid not to. And boy oh boy, was it worth it!
Oh hi Jessica Stam, great show! Tania Dziahileva, gosh how nice to see you! Vlada, loving the red hair!
I join the paparazzi crowd, get a sneaky shot and decide it's time to return to the office.
But wait, there is an extremely beautiful and tall goddess standing right in front of me on the escalator, still wearing her look from the show - I've never felt more inferior, short and normal in my life.
"Anna, Anna can we take your photo!!?"
What you don't want mine?

Anna Selezneva, I would kill to look like you. 

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