Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Well hello November issue... I believe we have met before...

I am SO excited!

Forget The September Issue, The November issue is out!

 This is the issue I worked on in the summer at British Vogue - I like to think of it as my baby!
I assisted 4 of the shoots that are printed in the magazine but my favourite and the one that I had the most involvement with was Bay Garnett's story on Fashion's Greatest Hits - and boy oh boy does it look good!

Greatest Hits

Get your inspiration from your dad, if it looks this good you know you're on to a winner.

So Brigitte Bardot...

Now don't say I didn't give you the heads up on the monogrammed white shirt trend!

Ahoy Sailor!

Caroline Trentini - legs for miles...
I was hesitant about this look - the idea of layering print upon print... i just didn't expect it to look THIS GOOD.

This is perfection. And I want a daisy chain headband! Peace.

Oh those DVF trousers, what a love-hate relationship we have.
I fought and fought for the PR company to let us have them, we got them and I thought, are you serious? They are hideous!!! but clearly Bay's styling and Trentini's legs work magic together because it's so wrong that it's right.

Leather trousers, a yellow silk shirt, red accessories - it just shouldn't work, but my God it does.

Bay I salute you - you are a genius!

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