Saturday, 13 March 2010

Forget Dior - Moi? J'adore Chloé!

For some, Chloé's collection for Fall 2010 may seem a little... well, bland. Gone are the scalloped edges, floaty dresses and delicate fabrics that we have come to expect from Hannah MacGibbon and instead, we are offered a 'no-frills', clear cut alternative with tailored, and somewhat androgynous pieces.
However, that certainly does not mean the collection is by any means less feminine. In fact, it seems that MacGibbon's new collection exemplifies the modern context of that exact word - 
What does it mean to be feminine in 2010?
I promise you, this latest collection provides all the answers, and there isn't even a hint of pink...

Women today belong to the professional world. We are, or are at least close to becoming our male counterpart's equals. So, why not wear a trouser suit to work? and LOOK BETTER than your male boss who is forced to wear the same outfit because his sex has no alternative option. 
Ladies, we can definitely pull off the military look as well as any soldier...
Can men wear slouchy trousers with heels? I think not. 

Hannah MacGibbon - I salute you!
I'll not deny that I am one of those girls that will always opt for a dress over a pair of trousers, but maybe it's time to make a change and if that means Chloé is leading the way for Fall 2010, then I will quite happily follow suit.

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