Friday, 5 March 2010

Hi Ho, Hi Ho...

Now normally I would look at these jeans, raise my eyebrows and say, "really"? And that's being kind. 
Look at the shape, instead of elongating the leg, they somehow make them seem as though they belong to one of Snow White's seven little men, and a dumpy one at that. (Imagine the photo was taken of her standing straight, both legs side by side - see what I mean?)
But then, I'm forced to look at the bigger picture - it was Monsieur Sartorialist after all who papped this lovely lady. Surely she deserves a second glance.
Everything else about this look works; the khaki beige jacket, the nude layering of her t-shirts, that little flash of green on her belt - it's all very Spring 2010.
But that denim! I'm just not sure I'm convinced. 
I can forgive, but I definitely cannot forget... sometimes vintage my friends, should definitely remain vintage.

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